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photoblog image 1940's Day, Bitton Station (2)
Bill Phillips from England 29 Jan 2015, 07:38
We seem to have a love of these events Suzanne. They have them regularly on the Severn Valley and we have a mixture of Romans and WW2 at events in Droitwich!
suzanne fox: I guess all the Steam Railways have to earn money and this is one, very interesting, way of doing it.

gutteridge from where latitude and attitude meet 29 Jan 2015, 09:47
Is that lady on the left playing some kind of musical instrument Suzanne?
suzanne fox: Yes, blowing into the bottle, and making a pretty fine job of it.

Robbyne from United States 30 Jan 2015, 03:06
Good times had by all, I see...
suzanne fox: Yes, even me but was not sitting with the people in the wonderful fancy dress. I only live about a mile from this station so had cycled, yes, cycled there and back. In my defence it was a beautiful warm sunny day.

Elizabeth Buckalew from Sunny Again in Flagstaff Arizona 30 Jan 2015, 03:43
smile FUN! Love your exchange with Chad... smile
suzanne fox: Thanks Elisabeth.

....peter:) from Canada 30 Jan 2015, 05:07
it looked a lot like that when i was a kid Suzanne... it's a fun picture....petersmile
suzanne fox: Yes, where did all those years go!

Lisl from Batheaston 30 Jan 2015, 05:31
I always enjoy the music that goes with 40s events, Suzanne
suzanne fox: Fantastic music. There was an Armed Forces Day at Trowbridge as well last year and there were singers, bands and dancing. Great stuff.

Ginnie Hart from Netherlands 30 Jan 2015, 06:33
These reenactments are so fun, Suzanne. We should do them more often! smile
suzanne fox: There were a lot last year because of the anniversary of the First World War.

Aderonke Adeniran from United Kingdom 30 Jan 2015, 14:39
lovely Suzanne... looking forward to this again
suzanne fox: Thanks Ronky, I have a couple more photos to post about this day, which I hope will not prove too boring.

Ayush Basu from Singapore 2 Feb 2015, 13:10
fun shot, i like that jacket very much grin
suzanne fox: Its very 40's.

Anne from United Kingdom 3 Feb 2015, 15:30
It looks as if everyone is having a good time
suzanne fox: They were and so were the visitors to the Railway.

Aderonke Adeniran from United Kingdom 13 Feb 2015, 12:06
so much fun here..
suzanne fox: Always good to see the old costumes.

Gil Zetbaze 15 Feb 2015, 15:33
Such a perfect photo!
Have a nice week end!
Photographer Gil Zetbase

....peter:) from Canada 9 Nov 2015, 22:10
love the old dresses and the soldier in uniform Suzanne... they all seem to be enjoying the day....petersmile

suzanne fox from United Kingdom 9 Nov 2015, 22:18
Grown up kids, playing at dressing up!

Ayush Basu from Singapore 14 Mar 2018, 18:59
i like the jive bombers jacket, nice shot here.

Lisl from England 29 Mar 2018, 11:16
You are still getting comments, Suzanne

suzanne fox from United Kingdom 29 Mar 2018, 13:26
I cant believe it Lis, this was posted so long ago. Must get on a post some new pics .... soon!!

latest comment
Chris from Not Nowhere 12 Apr 2018, 08:19
I love all this dressing up stuff Suzanne, it's such harmless fun..

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